AMI Concentrator

Up to 100 meters Management : meter auto registration, meter time synchronization, regular meter data polling, meter event logging, meter profile logging. Auto registration to center station. Special functions AMI Concentrator support : regular reading, on-demand reading, outage report, TOU reading, demand reset, TOU ....

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Buku Manual Tiket Printer

TIKET PRINTER e-print Embedded adalah bagian dari tiket printer e-print yang menjalin komunikasi data dari dispenser dan komputer master (optional). Perangkat modul embedded adalah: 1. Tombol Keypad Heavy duty industrial grade 2. Layar LCD grafik 3. Reader Mifare Smart Card (optional) 4. Power Supply ....

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PA310 - Clip-on CT Power Meter

Clip-on CT Power Meter with easily wiring especially for on-line installation Wide measurement range10(60)A, max to 1000A suitable for low voltage system Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1) Up to 10000 load profile records with configurable recording period RS485 communication support Modbus protocol ....

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PA33/PA34 - Compact Smart Power Meter

True RMS energy and power parameters measurement in compact size Clip-on CT, easy wiring for on-line installation RS485 communication support Modbus protocol Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1) Compact Smart Power Meter supports Lonworks (option). Wild range of measurement with various size of CT , ....

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PA330 - Multi Function Power Meter

Power Quality measurement in V/I THD, V/I unbalance, V Eligibility and Min. & Max. Parameters With RS485 and Lonworks (option) communication protocol ....

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PM3000 - Power Controller

Power Controller is widely used for power monitoring and control in factory and building. Manage up to 16 units of power meter Rich electricity parameters and power quality display for main and sub-feeder meter Power Controller is easy integrated with 3rd party supervisory control ....

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