Main Features
  • Class 0.5 revenue accuracy ( with DC immunity option)
  • Wide range of current measurement (from 0.001 Ib to 6.67 Ib)
  • Bi-directional energy measurement.
  • Multi-tariff with TOU (up to 4 tariffs).
  • Full power parameters measurement.
  • Power quality monitoring and analysis( with THD, sag/swell option)
  • Four quadrant measurement.
  • 96~528 Vac input with any phase power supply.
  • Energy calculation under phase lost.
  • Wide range of operation temperature -30°C~70°C
  • Configurable block or rolling demand.
  • Configurable crystal or power line time-base.
  • IEC 62053-22, ANSI C12.20 accuracy.
  • 10 years certified life.

SW3005 Three Phase Multi-function Electricity Meter is designed to meet the needs of modern utility under the global trend of deregulation. Its multi-tariff, optional communication interfaces and long-period recording abilities make SW3005 ideal for advanced metering applications. With up to 400 display items, SW3005 not only fulfills the bi-direction revenue energy measurement but also becomes real time power quality monitor. The software re-configurable flexibility and extreme wide range current measurement greatly simplify your meter models easy to reduce your meter inventory and increase maintenance efficiency. Three Phase Multi-function Electricity Meter is equipped with various communication interfaces (including: MODEM, PLC, GPRS…) and supports standard ANSI protocol which will be easily integrated with AMR and modern utility value-added service applications.

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