SW1000 - Single Phase Energy Meter - ANSI Type
Main Features
  • Class 0.5 revenue accuracy
  • Wide range of current measurement (from 0.0015 Ib to 6.67 Ib)
  • Bi-directional energy measurement.
  • Multi-tariff with TOU (up to 4 tariffs).
  • Single phase Energy Meter with full power parameters measurement.
  • Four quadrant measurement.
  • 60~300 Vac input.
  • Wide range of operation temperature -40°C~+85°C
  • Configurable block or rolling demand.
  • Configurable crystal or power line time-base.
  • IEC 62053-22, ANSI C12.20 accuracy
  • 10 years certified life.

SW1000 Single phase Energy Meter is designed to meet the needs of modern utility under the global trend of deregulation. Its multi-tariff, optional communication interfaces and long-period recording abilities make SW1000 ideal for advanced metering applications. With up to 400 display items, SW1000 not only fulfills the bi-direction revenue energy measurement but also becomes real time power quality monitor. The software re-configurable flexibility and extreme wide range current measurement greatly simplify your meter models easy to reduce your meter inventory and increase maintenance efficiency. SW1000 is equipped with various communication interfaces (including:RS485, PLC, …) and supports standard ANSI protocol which will be easily integrated with AMR and modern utility value-added service applications.

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